I am happy to greet you on behalf of the School of Mechanical Engineering and Transportation of MUST.
Our university, which passed 60 historical years since first started training specialists, is developing as a leading mechanical engineering, transportation training, research, and innovation center in Mongolia.
The School of Mechanical Engineering and Transportation trained numerous professionals with higher education in engineering and technology during this historical time. Our graduates are working effectively in their professions in every corner of the country and contributing to the development of the country and many industrial sectors.
Our university's teaching human resources, material base, and external and internal cooperations have been broadening yearly. In recent years, while many creative works such as the introduction of international CDIO standards in training to reform higher engineering education, the introduction of international standards of Quality Management Systems in our activity, and the implementation of twinning programs with foreign universities are in progress, we are broadening our internal and external cooperations and working on many collaborative projects and programs for training, research, and innovation development with foreign organizations. 

Bless our cooperation to further expand and create great deeds for the sustainable development of the nation and the world.

Together, let's create intellectual value that the world will appreciate.

J.KHASHBAT Ph.D., Associate Professor                                                                                                                                                 Director