• Laboratory of material strength 
  • Laboratory of machine mechanics theory
  • Laboratory of machine component
  • I DESIGN laboratory (smart design laboratory) лаборатори)
  • Laboratory of Sea buckthorn study
  • Laboratory of biomechanics


  • • The research on simulation of mechanic system
  • Technical research on harvest and formulating sea buckthorn
  • The research on biomechanics


  • SH.TSOOJ Ph.D              Head of the department CNC cutting theory, Micro CNC, CAD/CAM/CAE system, Design of mechanism
  • P.BAASANSUREN Ph.D., Associate professor Technological equipment for cashmere dehairing
  • T.GANBAT Ph.D., Professor Designs and constructions for special textile applications and textile equipment
  • KH.BATBAYAR Ph.D Bio-mechanical research of spinal cord injuries and diseases
  • CH.AVDAI Ph.D., Professor Scientific basis of dynamics of operation and establishment of parameters of seabuckthorn berry harvesting machine at natural
  • P.ENKHBAATAR Ph.D Research and development on design for shaft mechanisms
  • D.OYUNCHIMEG Ph.D Technology and equipment for recycling used tires, Engineering education oyunchimeg_e72@must.
  • TS.ALTANTSETSEG Ph.D Research on possibilities of using Diesel-LPG dual fuel on buses
  • G.CHIMED-OCHIR Ph.D., Professor Techological improvements for the industrial processing of seabuckthorn
  • N.PUREVDORJ Ph.D., Associate professor Research on mechanical properties of deformable solid bodies
  • S.DELGERMAA Ph.D Evaluation Methodology of University Education
  • P.ULZIISAIKHAN Ph.D Modelling of aerodynamic separation of granular solid particles


  • D.Batbayar Senior Lecturer                                               
  • T.Munkhbat Senior Lecturer
  • Ts.Oyungerel Senior Lecturer
  • Sh.Dalkhjav Senior Lecturer
  • B.Doljinsuren Senior Lecturer
  • T.Byambadorj Senior Lecturer
  • Kh.Gangerel Lecturer
  • N.Davaadorj Lecturer
  • Ts.Jargalmaa Lecturer
  • B.Orlogo Assitant lecturer